Before You Hit Reply – How to Write Letters to Your Recruiter

Email address is first point of contact to almost everybody – recruiters are no exception.

We write emails every day, probably more than we think – every second 2.4 million emails are sent.

With this number it is easy to assume that everybody knows how to write a proper email but with all informational chaos around us and trying to be always in touch, sometimes we forget how to actually write short and succinct emails.

Check if you follow few simple rules before you click send.

First and most important rule – do not forget the opening and closing.

Open with greeting (formal or informal) and close with your signature. It is not only a matter of politeness. Your signature identifies the author of the email, your return address is often not enough, especially if it does not contain your full name or surname.

Second rule – include important details.

If you received message with question like “Hi, we have new opening, are you interested” remember to reply to it with important details. Don’t use the automatic reply option, because it may leave an impression that you just don’t care.

Sometimes it is hard to for recruiters to find about which position candidate is asking if no details are included – especially if the candidate replied to message sent via job board, that do not let us see any personal or contact details before candidate accepts our message.

So if you receive any message this type and want to reply, please include details that will help find your profile – your full name (another reminder how important your signature is!), name and location of the position you are interested in. This will allow us to process with application in no time and make communication easier.

Another rule – do not overshare.

If for some reason you were not able to respond earlier, that is fine, we all are busy. There is no need to explain that your son got a football game and he actually was great but your car broke and you were late. Simple “apologize for late response” is enough.

Which leads us to another rule – be polite.

Email is a form of communication that follows the same rules of being polite as letters or conversation. Try to not make mistakes like changing gender of person you are writing to or misspelling name. And if you did make mistake – just apologize, mistakes happen to everybody.

Also don’t attack your recruiter – we are really doing our best to keep candidates updated, but it sometimes takes more time then we wish.

One last rule – make it look simple and elegant.

Use the same font in whole email and stay with darker letter colors. Yellow font will not show your bright and sunny personality, but will definitely make reading almost impossible. Check if there are any typos – this might be your introduction to new employer so make it professional.

As you can see, rules are actually very simply and easy to follow. Once you finish writing it, all you have to do is read it one more time – check for mistakes, make a visual checkup. Think if someone who doesn’t have all information will read you email, will it be clear to this person? Remember, that recruiter is not in your head and might have hard time trying to understand shortcuts in your email.

After this one last and very important step – you are good to go. Just click send!



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Izabela is a recruiter with 1.5 years of experience. She currently works as a Junior Delivery Specialist, providing full life-cycle recruitment to the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Izabela holds a degree in Applied Psychology and works in Kraków, Poland.

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