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Stacey is a Talent Acquisition leader with 20+ years experience effectively leading teams, transforming processes, managing projects, gaining operational efficiency and developing strategic solutions for internal and external clients.

Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls- Part 2: Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing Projects

My previous article focused on common project management pitfalls during the initiating and planning process groups. This article will focus on common project management pitfalls for the last three project management process groups: Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing Executing is the act of performing the work that has been scoped in the project management plan

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Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls- Part I: Initiation & Planning

In the outsourcing space, it is important to be flexible when responding to shifting priorities and the diverse needs of clients. Each client has unique needs, expectations and cultures; therefore, it is important to quickly align to those needs and understand the most effective way to service the client.   When starting a project or

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Get Your Life Together!

Do you ever struggle with getting things done? Do you get anxious and overwhelmed just thinking about what you need to do? Are you challenged with finding work/life balance? We are often more conscious about managing our professional time and deliverables because we know we are held to performance standards or metrics in the workplace.

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