About Peta Martinez

Peta joined PeopleScout early in 2016 and leads the LexisNexis Account across the Pacific region. Peta has obtained a degree in Business and Commerce majoring in HR and Management and has been working in HR for the last 15 years. With a passion for recruitment, Peta focuses on delivering innovative solutions across her account, always ensuring a quality candidate experience.

Internal Career Move, are you Ready for the Interview?

Not all career moves mean a move out of your current organisation. There could be the perfect next step for you, right where you are working now. However, many people make the mistake that they think they are a ‘shoe in’ if they apply for a role within their own organisation, just because they work

So, who Should be Planning your Career?

These days, most organizations provide formalized processes to ensure you are continually developing your career and building a career path that suits you, but ultimately, a question you might ask: who is responsible for your career? The Answer: YOU! There can be some confusion over who is responsible for your career. Some people think the

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