About Paulina Foit

Paulina is a Junior Delivery Specialist looking for top talent for a US-based financial institution. She has been with PeopleScout for over a year working in Krakow office, Poland. Paulina is a dedicated and easy going team player. A massive rugby fan. She loves playing ukulele and writing poetry in her spare time.

Hygge Your Workplace: What is hygge, and How Can You Do it at Work?

As busy as we get, we don’t have time to indulge ourselves especially when winter is a never ending story. We feel overwhelmed with new assignments and our to-do list seems to be endless. We are working around the clock to solve personal and professional matters with no time to take a break. It sounds

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The Power of Empathy in Recruiting

In recruiting, hiring top talent is the number one priority. As recruiters, we search for candidates, evaluate their skills and abilities and cross-check information – all within the job descriptions and timelines. Living in a fast-paced world where the results are needed instantly, we might miss the bigger picture by focusing on candidates’ hard skills:

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How Much Information Is Too Much? – the Issue of Oversharing

We have all been in a situation when we asked ourselves how much information is too much? Being a recruiter, I talk to candidates on a daily basis and share/exchange lots of information. How much information is too much? When is sharing our personal lives crossing the line and interfering with our professional lives?

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