About Michele Morgan

Michele had been working in Talent Analysis and Development for the Estee Lauder Companies for over 10 years and came to People Scout in June 2016, where she has been on the McKesson account recruiting for Med Surg and Pharma. She loves writing and has had two articles published in Mia Magazine and is currently working on publishing her second children’s book. Michele is passionate about helping people better understand their natural talents and how to leverage those in order to be more impactful and fulfilled, both in their professional and personal lives. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

The Real Deal About Resumes

I remember years ago hearing that hiring managers, on average, take approximately 6-10 seconds to review the resume of a job applicant. I’m sure this time varies based on numerous factors, but from my experience, when hiring managers and recruiters are reviewing a stack of resumes, generally it’s a quick glance in order to determine

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ABC Back to Basics: Interview Preparedness

Always be Prepared! I interview candidates quite often that have little to no idea what the company they are interviewing with actually does. How can one confidently walk into a room and sell themselves, if they aren’t familiar with what the company is all about. How can you show that you will be a

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