About Michael Scriver

After joining the RPO industry in 2012, Michael has developed his experience across many diverse lines of business supporting a financial services client. He has held roles in operations, recruitment and strategic sourcing, supporting various professions such as HR, marketing, communications, front line sales and customer service. More recently, Michael has been supporting both the wealth management and private client lines of business. Michael is a determined talent-seeking professional in pursuit of exceptional candidates for the roles he is looking to fill. It is his personal goal to ensure that he delivers an exceptionally positive experience with every new professional he meets.

Contacting Recruiters for the First Time

Job seekers often find themselves at a wits end with recruiters.  Whether it be trying to contact a recruiter for the first time, or staying in touch about a job opportunity for which they interviewed, job seekers often hit a brick wall or radio silence in response to messages or phone calls. If you are

If You Got the Job, Would You Really Be Happy?”

“If you got the job, would you really be happy?” – a really interesting question to ask. In North America and Europe, unemployment rates are the lowest they have been since before the recession, according to Eurostat, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Statistics Canada. When the unemployment rate is low, more people are employed

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Death of the Resume?

Ah, the resume… that document that spent hours crafting, editing and formatting to convince your future employer that you are the person they should hire; the golden unicorn to complete their team. We’ve all written them and wrestled with the dilemma of what to include, what to omit, and does anyone care that I

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Why is there a Second Interview?

This is a great question. Often candidates struggle with the concept of the second interview, according to a number of hiring managers that I have supported in the past.  As a recruiter, I have received conflicting feedback about the results of second interviews with otherwise “would-be perfect” candidates.  In this article, I will provide

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What “not” to Include in Your Resume

Resumes, CVs, Curriculum Vitaes… call them what you wish… we have all written them, and a lot of us have sweated, edited, cut and pasted and tried to somehow put ourselves down on the page. Clearly, unless you have Steven King powers of writing, this is no easy task. As recruiters we’re often asked how

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Stay Marketable, Even When You Are Happy

You may have only just started a new position. Maybe you are happily working your dream job, and have been happy for some time now. It’s even more likely that you consider yourself part of the group of professionals that have simply fallen into the eventual slump – and it’s not so easy to

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5 Tips To Improve Social Media Branding For Recruiters

Where are the ideal prospective candidates today? When posting a job through a company website, recruiter job board or professional association, it would be safe to assume that you are attracting a certain percentage of the population. That being said, your ideal applicants and prospects, especially those not actively searching for their next job,

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Have You Written Your Job Expectations List?

Have you ever gone through the majority of an application or interview process and realized that job you were interested in really was not what you expected? As a recruiter, I can say that candidates experience this more often than not. But why does this happen? It may be that the job title is misleading,

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Is there an Alternative to the Online Application?

HR professionals and hiring managers will likely ask you to apply online when inquiring with them regarding job opportunities at their respective companies. It seems so easy to apply for a job today as well. Simply follow the link, fill out your applicant profile, upload a resume and submit. The pros: it is extremely convenient

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