About Max Silvester

Max graduated with an Advertising & Brand Management degree in 2005. He has been recruiting for 10+ years with a special focus on innovation projects and creative sourcing strategies. Joining PeopleScout in Jan 2016, on the Lendlease account. Max has written articles in national industry publications, with interests around advancement in technology, continuous improvement, and diversity in the workplace. A keen cricketer, player, and spectator with influences on his playing being from the likes of the heavy hitting Kevin Peterson and flamboyant style of Vic Richards.

Candidate experience: Exciting times ahead for 2018

Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. Now let's re-wind 10 years to when a candidate would be dropping their CVs on reception desks or better yet faxing them through speculatively and not getting a reply of any sort, to 5 years

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