About Marty Grubbs

Marty Grubbs is Senior Recruiter and works at PeopleScout's Chicago office. He’s been with PeopleScout for 6 years now. His areas of expertise include: technical recruiting, accountant recruiting, and mechanics in both the airline industry and food production industry. Marty has also lead several projects for customer service supervisors and phone agents. His hobbies include cooking, camping, and theater.

Keeping it simple and getting hired

I recently sat down to dinner with some close friends. Three of these folks were looking for new careers for the new year, and since I’m in the recruiting profession, they had some questions for me. At first I thought these were pretty simple questions, but then I realized that it was because they were

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Choosing Happy.

Waking up every morning is very interesting. I’m here. Sleeping. Comfortable and cozy. Why would I want to leave the safety and warmth of my bed and comforter, for the cold wooden floor of my apartment and even colder white tile floor of my bathroom? Why would I make a choice like that? What is

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