About Kimani Johnson

Kimani is a full-time student at Governor State University and will be graduating this May with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is currently the Marketing Intern for PeopleScout. Being both a mother and student, after graduation, she plans to extend her expertise in marketing with the goal of becoming a marketing manager.

After Graduation Decisions: Internships or Entry Level Jobs?

Congratulations, you are officially a college graduate! Now, it’s time to start your job search. The first question you need to answer is, “What type of position do I apply for?” The two most popular options are internships and entry-level positions. When you make your decisions, it is important to decide which works best for

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How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

A perfect job just opened up. You have a great resume and cover letter ready to go, but the company asks for a letter of recommendation. Asking for a letter of recommendation may seem intimidating if you don’t know who to ask. If you’re lucky, maybe you have someone in mind. To get the most

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Networking: Tackling the Battle of Conversation

For some people, conversation and human interaction is an effortless task – for others, not so much. It can be difficult or stressful to engage in conversation in a group setting. This post will provide some tips for starting a conversation during what can already be a nerve-wracking experience: a networking event. It is important

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Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

  The interview process can be a bit scary, but staying calm is your best option.  Confidence can be the key to landing that perfect job. Understanding what you should and shouldn’t do during an interview is important. Many interviewees know what to do during an interview, but do you know what not to do?

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The Interview Isn’t Over Until You Follow-Up

You recently participated in an interview. You put your best foot forward, and you are happy with your chances of getting the job. Now you are looking for a way to solidify your position. Perhaps you are also looking for the best way to stay professional and portray yourself in a positive light so that

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My Experience with a Scam Job Posting

I want to start with my own experience running into a scam job positing. Summer was coming, and I needed a paid internship in marketing. My ultimate goal was to work in downtown Chicago. I applied to internships through several recruiting companies, but then I received an interview invitation from a company located downtown even

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