About Kevin Lowery

Kevin Lowery is a current US Army Reservist and recruiter. He takes passion and energy into ensuring that transitioning veterans have the knowledge and understanding of how the civilian job market can best suit them. Kevin has also worked as an Army Recruiter and is active in the local community and has a Master’s Degree from University of North Florida.

Always Active – Juggling Reserve and Full-Time Employer Commitments

As a career reservist and full-time employee, it is often difficult to achieve a perfect balance between these competing obligations. Employers who value the significance of Reserve and Guard employees constantly find ways to accommodate this dual schedule. Overlapping responsibilities will push one obligation into the other’s space and causing friction points. Employers also seek

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Focusing on Transition- Observation and Perseverance

I wanted to share the ups and downs of my transition from Active Duty back into the civilian sector. I started as a reservist and then went active duty, specifically as an AGR Recruiter of which I served 6 years, before exiting Active Duty to return to the civilian sector in 2014. Although I remained

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