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Kelly Low began working for PeopleScout in March 2016 – prior to that, she was a Candidate Selection Associate for Aon Hewitt for 5 years. Kelly has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Akron. She currently works from home in Wichita, Kansas.

The Career and the Side Hustle

In addition to a full-time job, many employees are now embracing supplementary employment in the form of a side hustle. As opposed to a part-time job with strict schedules and expectations, a side hustle is typically freelance or contract in nature; something entrepreneurial that gives the employee the flexibility to decide how and when

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Job Searching While Employed

Is it easier to find a job when you are employed? It’s possible that having a job makes you more desirable to a potential hiring manager as they may assume that the competition would not just let go of their top performers. However, in today’s job market, I would speculate that the real reason

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Networking Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a very sociable time of the year and a great time to strengthen and expand your professional network. With little effort, you can meet a large number of interesting people over the holidays while attending your company’s holiday party, social events with professional associations, celebrations with friends and family, or

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5 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates

Recruiters are busy. On any given day, we are working to fill multiple positions, collaborating with a handful of hiring managers, and keeping track of countless applicants. Our goal is always to work quickly to fill each of those positions with the most qualified candidates; however, the process does not always move fast. Personally,

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Maintaining a Positive Outlook While Searching for a Job

The longer a job search takes, the easier it is to shut down and simply go through the motions. Being out of work can take a toll on your self-esteem yet, while it’s perfectly natural to feel disappointed and discouraged, it is vital to remain positive and engaging in order to make a good

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Resume Writing: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Writing a resume can be overwhelming; this is the one aspect of the job search that a candidate can control. A lifetime of education, work experience, and skills must be condensed down to one sleek document. Keeping a resume brief and to the point is imperative. Knowing that a recruiter takes less than 10

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Resolve to Become your Ideal Professional Self in 2017

There is nothing like the crisp, blank calendar pages of a brand-new planner to inspire change and growth within your career. View the New Year as a fresh start – the perfect time to re-assess your long-term aspirations and make improvements to your professional self. Whether you are happy with your current position, working

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I was inspired, by a recent job title change, to really examine what it means to be a Recruiter. I’ve spent the majority of my career in recruiting and, regardless of the official job title, I’ve found that the same basic duties apply - attract, select, and hire the best candidates for jobs. A

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Before the Interview: Three-Step Interview Prep

Congratulations, you got the interview! Clearly, the company was impressed by the dazzling qualifications on your resume and the professional, yet friendly tone of your cover letter. Now they want to speak with you. How will you set yourself apart from the other candidates? What can you do to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the

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