About Keith Jones

I joined the PeopleScout team in January of this year and mainly work out of the company headquarters in Chicago. I’m one of two Content Managers who work under Tod Stewart on the Training and Product Support team. Before working with PeopleScout, I was an adjunct professor of sociology with the City Colleges of Chicago since 2011. It is a role that I still perform in a limited capacity today. Teaching has adequately prepared me for my responsibilities at PeopleScout. These include LMS administration and support, the creation, management and dissemination of training material, and product training and support.

Instant Messaging at Work: Keeping it Professional

It would be very difficult to deny the contributions communication technology to has made to businesses in the last couple of decades. The ability to send correspondence electronically has dramatically changed how business is done all over the world. However, with new technology comes new potential problems and the need to create new norms

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How to Avoid Using the “F” Word During a Job Interview

In the waiting room, she silently stared ahead, lips pursed, hands together almost like in prayer. In a few minutes, she will be called into the office of the person whose job it is to determine if she is fit for employment in this company. She knows she’s capable of doing this job and

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The Benefits of Creating and Maintaining Friendships at Work

For three years of my life, I worked as a teller in a bank in the Lakeview area of Chicago. I had had many entry-level jobs and most of them I had simply endured. This particular job, however, was something I looked forward to doing most of the time and rarely had any problem

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The Hidden Link Between Diversity and Your Career

Diversity. How many times have you heard this word? What does it really mean when used in the context of your career? Though many of us dread having to attend diversity workshops, its relevance in the workforce has grown in the last couple of decades and more time, money, and resources are being spent understanding

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