About Katarzyna.Zdunek

Katarzyna has over 5 years of professional career experience in in talent acquisition, recruitment, and sourcing for the finance/banking, customer service, and IT industries. She is motivated and enthusiastic in leading her recruiting teams and instills positive energy and passion in the people she works with. In her free time, Katarzyna loves traveling to places near and far and immersing herself in different cultures.

Top Qualities of Successful Recruiters

Recruiting can be a difficult occupation but also rewarding and gratifying. Have you or are you considering a career in recruiting? If so, please review the article below to see if you have what it takes. Active Listening and Communication Skills Recruiting starts and ends with listening. Active listening, along with the ability to

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I Am All Ears

In the talent acquisition profession, we spend so much of our time listening, evaluating, and making decisions. Our ability to effectively listen to our candidates, hiring managers, and other key stakeholders is of paramount importance. It is statistically proven that the majority of us only really absorb between 25-50% of what we hear. If the

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An interview is a two-way street – a polite street, with traffic rules

As an interviewee, please remember you have the full right to take control of the interview and make sure your side of the street actually gets some traffic - do not go with the entire meeting just answering questions, ask them as well! Here is traffic rule number one - the green light. The employer

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How to find the Best Fit? Get an Insight into your Candidates’ Personality!

Psychology has been my passion for years and I have had many chances to see how strongly this whole domain influences recruitment processes. Since I started my career in sourcing and recruiting, I have learned that a huge part of how successful and efficient your recruiting strategy will be depends on how good you are

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Finding the Right Candidates?

In recent days, there are changes in the labour market that I have observed. Clearly, there are more employers having challenges finding highly qualified candidates, people who have the experience required for the roles employers need to fill, especially those positions that require specific and unique skills. The use of print media for publishing job

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Are you looking for Candidates? How Are You Doing That? Some Sound Advice!

Many people decide to look for new career opportunities for various reasons: career advancement, learning opportunities, new challenges, and finally for personal and financial reasons. These are the active job seekers. However, there are thousands of individuals who are willing to take a chance to make a step forward in their professional careers but they

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How Polish“ed” are you with Cross-Cultural Recruiting ?

As a person born and raised in Poland who had a chance to live in North America for some time, I would like to share my perspective from the view of both an experienced recruiter and a candidate in these two similar, yet different, worlds. Through my experience, I have learned that recruitment strategies and

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