Getting to “You’re Hired”

A lot of applicants have asked for a quick list/check list on how to get to hired when searching for a job.  Well ask and you shall receive.  Here is a comprehensive check list on how to get to Hired: A.   Resumes Rise to the Top of the Pile of applicants – Get That Interview Always include Cover Letter – does not have to be in long form style…..Dear Ms. Smith, I am writing to you to apply…. Cover Letter should summarize your strengths BUT…must also acknowledge your experience/ capability gaps compared to the Job Posting specs……..While I do not have a MBA, I have been a successful Analyst for 10 years and recently completed my Analyst Certification at the University of Toronto….don’t think they won’t notice if you don’t mention it Cover Letter and Resumes should contain key words from Job Posting as applicant tracking systems and recruiters will be looking for these in the first scan Your Resume is the marketing doc for Your Brand and You are the Product…sell it! Clearly show your strengths & attributes…do not make recruiters guess…they will not assume what is not there Make them want you…demonstrate clearly why you believe that you are the right candidate for that job List your Top 3 Strengths in the Cover Letter AND reflect these in the Job Experience in the resume Keep the style clean and spacious but do not waste space Skip a) nonsense skills – MS Office, email, b) hobbies – swimming, hiking Resume Template – Job Experience, Organizing Content List experience in order of relevance…whichever type you use (Functional or Chronological)…indicate in title….e.g. Work Experience (by relevance) or…..Work Experience (by position, company, year) Give a brief explanation of what a company is about if it is not self-explanatory..e.g….BMO…ok…Aviva? Use your Main Resume template and then shape to Job Posting…shift the focus on your various Job Experiences to reflect the needs of the Job Posting Show success of position while you were in it – position open state…..activity you were involved in which resulted in a positive impact or solutions you brought to the table ….position closing state Offer references that are specific to each position that you want to highlight and note their contact details in the same section with the Job Experience Show reason for leaving in your most relevant or recent positions Include your Name, Resident City and telephone # in document Header