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Jeff Wedge has been in the strategic sourcing and social media recruiting industry since 2003. Throughout his career he has worked closely with hiring managers, internal recruiters, HR Managers, HR Directors, and HR Vice Presidents on a number of recruiting assignments from volume recruiting and RPO engagements to confidential executive searches. He holds an Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of New Brunswick. Jeff is the father of 19 year old son Carter and 15 year old daughter Hallie and he currently resides in Burlington, Ontario.

Smart Sourcing Practices

#1: Think Before You Search “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln This famous quote from Lincoln aptly emphasizes the importance of planning and thinking before taking action. As a recruiter if we just take the time to think, develop a search strategy, and experiment with various searches (sharpen your axe!) continually reviewing the results for relevance before we start using the results to begin making calls.– we would end up with more relevant and efficient results.

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Les Meilleures Pratiques Du Sourcing

#1: Réfléchissez avant de faire une recherche. “Que l’on me donne six heures pour couper un arbre, j’en passerai quatre à préparer ma hache” – Abraham Lincoln Cette citation d’Abraham Lincoln souligne l’importance de la planification et de la réflexion avant de prendre une action. Comme recruteur il faut avoir le temps de réfléchir, développer une stratégie de recherche, faire des expériences de recherches différentes (préparer votre hache!) aussi vous devez examiner les résultats pertinents par rapport à votre recherche avant d’utiliser l’information et de faire des appels. De cette façon on peut avoir rapidement des résultats rapides que nous avions souhaités.

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Recruitment Agency versus Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Agency or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? Do you know the difference? Are they the same or different? The confusion often rests with blth candidates and employers looking to engage in talent assistance. In short, a Recruitment Agency and an RPO are very different: And here is why.

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Selling yourself when Sales aren’t your “thing”

As we progress through our careers we mature and we learn our strengths and “opportunities” for development. We may progress consistently up the pre-programmed ladder or we may deter from it, re-develop ourselves and start up a new ladder. Some of us listen to that inner voice and redirect our career path as necessary. I was one of those people. I was in a very sales focused role for years and then became a sales leader. There were a lot of aspects of my role I really enjoyed. I loved the coaching piece and seeing people have those “ah ha” moments and start seeing success, as well as the recruitment piece of my leadership role. What I struggled with was the sales component. There was a lot and I mean A LOT of cold sales. Literally just walking up to people and engaging them in a scripted sales discussion while they were on a completely different train of thought. I remember some of the looks I got; complete confusion as to why I was even talking to them, let alone attempting to sell them something while they were just trying to get some errands done. Then came the objection handling; this gets better with experience but requires quick thinking and knowing every possible angle your product can add value to someone’s life. Some people just do not like sales, it is a skill that can be learned and coached toward performance but there is an innate quality the true performers possess.

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Hello, My Name Is…..

As a Recruiter, one of the lessons I’ve learned early in my career, was networking in the summer is one of the best times to do so. People are generally more relaxed, want to get outdoors and, if not on vacation or at the cottage, enjoy the typical summer activities. What follows are some helpful tips for networking and things to think about during those typical summer activities. Happy Networking!

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I can FIND the needle…but can I recruit it?

I have seen these images passed around social media for years where it shows the title of an occupation; be it a Lawyer, an actor, or even a Stay at home Mom. For obvious reasons, the one for a Corporate Recruiter resonated with me. There are six laid out images with the subtitles “What my friend’s think I do, what my mom thinks I do, what society thinks I do, what applicants think I do, what I think I do until that last slide shows what I actually do. Of course, the last image is a needle in a haystack…had to be right? I have always looked at this and thought maybe I will “LOL” it but I always have this nagging feeling its wrong. Perhaps it’s just in the wrong order? Maybe one or two images are off the mark or maybe it is simply wrong?

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Debunking the Myth: Is There a Perfect Search?

As any professional recruiter/talent sourcer knows, finding good talent is sometimes akin to trying to find an explanation for how the world works and why it works the way it does. Although there are obvious clues to finding both strong qualified candidates and the “how the world works” paradigm, neither is an easy task at the best of times. Yes, there are those fortunate moments when, as a recruiter, I have plugged in all the right words to a Boolean Search and come up with a David Copperfield moment…with the precise candidate I am seeking at the top of the search results…but in 12 years I think this may have happened once or twice. What then is the experience of the majority?

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Please Please Tell Me Now… Is There Something I Should Know? (or, the Importance of Candidate Feedback)

I’ve been in the workforce 20+ years. I’ve applied to quite a few jobs, and I’ve received quite a few interviews. And I’m still amazed how often I never heard back from the recruiter if I wasn’t the successful candidate. Of course I assumed (and was obviously correct) that I didn’t get the job after two weeks passed, then three, then a whole month without a peep. Some feedback would have been nice – after all, I did take time from my other job to interview, spent hours researching my prospective new employer, and one time even bought an expensive new suit and fabulous dress shoes to make that great impression.

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Engagement Sourcing – New Methodology or Revived Art?

Prior to the advent of the fax machine, internet, mobile devices, search engines, aggregators, job boards and e-mail, finding talent to fill vacancies was a somewhat laborious process. Or was it? In these times, with our collective access to a multitude of sourcing/recruiting tools, all of which were created to generate candidate profiles, we have put to the side our greatest tool; our ability to engage and interact order doxycycline canada with people in person or at least through the phone.

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The Top 10 You Need To Know To Achieve Success With Your Resume

In the course of my 12+ year career as a Recruiter/Strategic Talent Sourcer, I have likely reviewed close to 200,000 resumes. While that number doesn’t necessarily make me an expert, the fact that I have seen that many resumes certainly provides me with some insight on what I see as a critical part of one’s career and life.

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