About Emily Gordon

Emily Gordon is Vice President of Client Delivery. She has more than 16 years’ experience in talent acquisition, and has overseen sourcing, continual process improvement, and client implementations. Currently she is serving as Vice President of Client Delivery. Her expertise is in transitions, process improvement, team building, client relationship development, and operational delivery. Previously, Emily built and implemented multiple national delivery centers while working with one of the largest global staffing and sourcing providers. She holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Emily is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Trusted Advisor

When thinking about what it means to be a trusted advisor, I am often reminded that we overcomplicate things. Recently my daughter was diagnosed with a relapse to her cancer. She had less than 5% chance of relapse, and so this was obviously a sad and shocking turn of events.  There are things that happen

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LinkedIn Basics

As Talent Acquisition specialists, we often utilize LinkedIn and there are always best practices to remember. Here are ways to leverage LinkedIn to attract and interact with top candidates.   Is beauty really Skin Deep? A LinkedIn profile needs to be attractive to candidates. Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression you make on a

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How Recruiters Can Create Successful Partnerships with Hiring Managers

Recruiters and hiring managers’ shared goal is to fill positions with top talent. So why do they often end up frustrated with each other? Most often, it’s because hiring managers and recruiters have different perspectives and approaches when it comes to hiring. The most important thing to realize is that the only person you can

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Tweeting it in?

Over time we have grown accustomed to the warnings that our social media presence could be a time capsule and living breathing resume that we may or may not want shared with the world. What about now, in the day and age when the President of the United States defaults to Tweeting real time over

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