About Doug Blount

Doug Blount has been a Senior Recruiter with PeopleScout for over three years, supporting one of its largest international clients. Doug has 10 years of recruiting experience tied to finance, operations, IT, engineering, sales, C-level, and a myriad of other industries and skillsets. When he is not busy finding top-tier talent or partnering with the clients he supports, he relishes time with his family in the beautiful setting of south central Kentucky.

Task Management 101

Anyone that works with a client base, whether in service, sales, high end deliverables, or whatever, will understand that there are expectations waiting for you on a daily basis – meeting deadlines with your client, manager, and peers. Those deadlines also have expectations that the product or service you are providing is of the highest

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Planning Your Career Path

Think about your career plans right now. Some reading this may not have a career plan, but maybe you are now starting to think you need a plan. Now, think about your career plans when you were five years old. How do they compare? Do you still want to be a ballerina, fire fighter, or

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Hurry Up and Wait: After the Job Interview, Now What?

It finally happened. You got called for that dream interview for that next vital step in your career. Or, maybe it is just a job, but like many people, you need the work. You complete the interview process and walk away with a great sense of accomplishment – you feel like you will have a

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Finding the Right Manager

For whatever reason you decided to click on this article, I should tell you that the title is a bit misleading. Who is looking for someone to “manage” them? Not I.  I want to be led.  I want to be inspired, motivated, and driven. The idea of being managed brings to mind an idea of

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Unconventional Career Advice

In recruiting and staffing we hear about some, let us say, “interesting” choices people make that usually do not help their careers. There’s a story I like to tell about the young lady I hired about 10 years ago who determined, after two days on the job, that it wasn’t really what she was looking

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Get the Competitive Edge with These 6 Resume Secrets

After a decade of experience in recruiting, there is no question that the initial impression of a candidate’s resume is critical to deciding whether or not to engage the applicant in the next steps of the interview process. Let’s face it. Resumes are a pain. They are a pain for everyone, but especially if you’re

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