About Cynde Stansberry

Since June 2014, I have served as the Director of Operations on the engagement for a large global financial services corporation. Prior to joining PeopleScout, I worked in multiple capacities for Bank of America, including as a recruiter, branch manager, and as a process design consultant for both staffing operations and branch operations. Collectively, I have 16+ years’ experience in the financial services industry, over 11 years’ experience within staffing/recruitment functions, and 13+ years in management/leadership roles. Joining PeopleScout and moving to the RPO side of the business has created new growth and learning opportunities, bringing new energy to my career!

Common – and Uncommon – Courtesy in the Hiring Process

Displaying common courtesy, having good manners, being polite, and treating others as you would like to be treated, are all ways of saying we should be nice to our fellow human beings.  Saying please and thank you goes a long way, as does holding doors open for others.  Courtesy can also mean greeting others warmly

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The Pros and Cons of Counter Offers

As a recruiting professional, I have seen situations where someone applies for a new position, goes through the interview process, gets an offer, notifies/gives notice to their current employer, and the current employer comes back with a counter offer to get the person to stay. Sometimes, frankly, I have worked with candidates where I

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Do you think about Telephone Etiquette When Job hunting?

I recently contacted a candidate about a position as a follow-up to an online application. The call went like this (names changed to protect the guilty): Alex: Hello. (monotone) Me: Hi! May I speak with Alex? Alex. Yeah. Me: Is this Alex? Alex: Yeah. Me: This is Cynde with XYZ Staffing. You had applied online

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Does Work/Life Balance Really Exist?

It’s a new year, and many of us are making resolutions.  Does your list include that elusive “work/life balance”? Employers highlight their commitment to it on their careers website pages, or may talk about it during the interview process.  You might think it is just one in a litany of corporate-speak phrases that lack substance. 

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Do I Really Have To Take A Test To Get The Job?

When you apply for some positions, you may be required to complete multiple steps in the selection process in addition to applying online or completing an application form.  Employers across many different industries and fields may utilize an “assessment” as one step.  It may be referred to by other names such as a “skills inventory”. 

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The Secrets of Compensation – It Is More Than Just Base Pay

When people think about their “compensation”, they often think solely in terms of hourly wage or annual salary. We all get why. The reality is, when applying for credit, that’s the number you need to provide. It’s the initial basis for your taxes. It’s the pay portion that you bring home that covers the bills,

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Ugh, I have an interview. -OR- Yeah, I got the interview! You decide.

Early in my career, during a training session, the facilitator handed us a sheet a paper and markers and said “Draw how you would feel if you got a call that auditors will be in your office in 15 minutes”. The majority drew an angst-filled face. Mine was not so much angst as a general

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