About Corinne Balisky

Before joining PeopleScout in March of 2015, Corinne’s previous employment included eight years in international non-profit management and 20 years as a media project manager and director in the Seattle and Los Angeles market working in television and film. She has taught at both the Art Institute of Seattle and the University of Washington while transitioning into her Human Resources Career. She has over 13 years of recruiting experience and specializes in hiring processes, candidate selection, documentation, interviewing, site leadership, account management and recruiting. Corinne is based in Seattle, WA where she works for clients both onsite and remotely.

Projecting Success From a Clean Resume

With an average of less than 10 seconds to impress a potential employer, your resume needs to clearly and cleanly say who you are.  You need to get across your skill set and achievements in a bold, contemporary, targeted style.  Listing your work experience and education are important, but the way in which you do

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Understanding the Behavioral Interview

Almost all large companies now employ what is called Behavioral Interviewing (aka Structured Interviewing), which is a specifically geared question requiring a behaviorally based answer.  What that means, is that employers want you to answer a pointed question such as ‘Tell me about a time when…’ with an answer that is based on the actions

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The Low Down on Employee Empowerment

Today, managers who run companies are increasingly practicing employee empowerment, which is basically sharing the ownership of project responsibilities with staff – It can have surprising results.  For instance, instead of a manager dictating exactly how a project is to be completed, team members are instead asked for their input.  Typically, they are asked to

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The Pros on Professional Feedback

Have you ever thought about the last time you asked your boss or a colleague what they liked about your work style, or to give you an honest opinion on what you can do to improve?  The benefit of professional feedback forces us to take some time to assess ourselves and challenges us to THINK

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Blending in the Contracting Workplace

Definition of corporate or organizational culture: A collective way of thinking, behaving, goals, standards, attitudes, ideals and appearance Working as a contractor, consultant or temporary resource for multiple clients can be a challenging integration experience, but the most successful workers are able to emulate the workplace culture in which they are immersed.  Contractors who thrive

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5 Tips For Talking To Recruiters Over The Phone

Before you get that dream job you’ve been searching for, you may find that it is necessary to talk to a lot of recruiters and interviewers over the phone.  Some applicants can be nervous about speaking with recruiters over the phone, and often, have not stopped to think about how to make that first impression

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5 Tips for Remote Employees Facing Personal Hardship

As a remote worker of 14 years who rarely gets to meet coworkers in person, establishing a relationship with people who you do not see or hear on a regular basis can be both rewarding and awkward at times. This is especially true when you are facing normal challenges in your personal life, such as

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