About Charles Bonilla

Charles is a Recruiting Manager, and a Navy veteran. He currently leads an 8-person team (four veterans and four non-veterans) that connects veterans honorably discharged on or after 27 May 2013 to part time jobs and full time careers with Walmart via that company’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment. Charles began his stint at PeopleScout, a TrueBlue Company, as part of the Recruiting Support Team (RST), providing quality customer service to numerous applicants seeking employment with PeopleScout’s many clients. His veteran status enabled him to transfer to the Walmart Team as a Veteran Career Counselor, where he facilitated numerous veterans’ transitions to full-time via in-depth discussion, resume work, and mock interviews, work, that enhances what veterans received in their transition assistance classes.

Veteran’s Corner Transition Tips

In the last post I likened the transition from military to civilian life to going through a different type of basic training: one that will likely be challenging and humbling. I provided a few tips including the absolute necessity of focusing your search on a handful of companies, and: Identifying where (geographically) you want to

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You’re Transitioning – Welcome Back to Basic Training

Congratulations on your transition from the military to “The World.”   Guess what?   You’re back in Basic Training!   Of course you have tremendous talent, skills, training, and experience, but just as in the military you had all kinds of potential that was molded in basic training, then honed by your service, there’s a

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