About Bridget Reyes

Bridget has worked in the recruitment field for 22 years and has worked as a Corporate Recruiter in Human Resources as well as for the Staffing Industry and has held the positions of Sr. Corporate Recruiter, Recruitment Manager and Sr. Corporate IT Recruiter. She has experience in Human Resources, Employee Relations and Employment Law and for the last 13 years she has focused on recruiting for Information Technology roles. She has recruited for a variety of positions both nationally and internationally in the Healthcare, Fashion/Apparel, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Food and Beverage industries. Based in Southern California, she currently works for Peoplescout as a Lead Regional Support Recruiter for Bridgestone.

Great Candidates Who Interview Badly

Recruiters often screen candidates who appear to be perfect for a position.  They might have the right skill set, are articulate and well spoken, and interview very well during their initial phone interview.  Then, only to say things during their interview with the hiring manager that virtually eliminates them for any further consideration for a

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Recruiting Pre-internet

My career in recruiting started back when the internet was still in its infancy.  The invention and implementation of the world wide web took place in the late 80’s and 90’s however, it wasn’t until about 1996-1998 that the commercialization of the web really started to take off.  Despite this, the internet was still not

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Using your Resume as your “Sales Pitch”

Some jobseekers are not adept at “selling or marketing” themselves effectively on their resumes.  Many resumes are lackluster and monotonous.  Frequently candidates will even cut and paste job posting onto their resumes instead of highlighting their achievements and skills, which renders their resume to nothing more than a job description. The vast amount of advice

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The Thrill of the Hunt for the Purple Squirrel

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “Purple Squirrel” as a recruiter's metaphor for the elusive candidate, the applicant who possesses the ideal combination of qualifications and experience, perfectly matching a company's job posting.  The term is synonymous with the phrase “ideal candidate”. Recruiters are typically very determined by nature and we thrive on competition; so,

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