About Alicja Idzior

A senior Recruitment Consultant Recruitment Consultant by day and writer-incognito by night, Alicja engages candidates and connects with clients to assess recruitment needs and talent for the banking industry. A native of Poland with over 10 years of experience in recruitment, Alicja is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion, and her recent work with a major client's diversity team has not only heightened her passion for the diversity space, but also fine-tuned her research skills in locating international niche talent. When not recruiting or sourcing, Alicja’s favorite past time is reading up on technology and techniques to stay ahead of the Millennial curve, in addition to traveling to far off lands soaking up different cultures and trends.

LEMON AID: Tips & Tricks for the Unemployed Candidate

The problem with lemons is that their yellow color promises rainbows and sunshine, but often the process of actually eating that sour lemon is rarely a pleasant experience and most likely will have you making weird faces, which no amount of Botox can prevent. Looking for work can be just as frustrating since the job

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5 Job Search Tips For The Happily Employed Candidate

  Sometimes life gives you lemons and, as the saying goes, you make lemonade. Meaning, when life hands you unexpected situations you make the best of them. Well, what if you don’t want to wait for life (or your career for that matter) to give you lemons and instead you take control before life has

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