About Aleksandra Krawczyk

Aleksandra worked with Aon Hewitt RPO for 4 years before becoming part of PeopleScout team in Poland. She graduated with a degree in Social Policy studies from Jagiellonski University. Her main focus was on job market issues and fighting unemployment. She's a Junior Sourcing Specialist, currently supporting recruitment for a US-based financial institution.

The Big M

If you are like me, the hardest questions during interviews are the vaguest ones about values and motivation. To answer these questions, you need to be aware of why you make job related decisions; very often we act on a hunch, hoping for the best. Though sometimes effective, it’s not the best habit. We spend

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How to Turn Down the Job After You’ve Accepted the Offer

Mostly, the current job seeker doesn’t put all of their eggs in one basket, rather they apply for many similar positions available on the market. What if, at some point of the recruitment process, you decide you are no longer interested? Should you inform the recruiter even if you didn’t receive job offer yet, or

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What’s up with all the Interview Questions?

Most active job seekers will recall a number of interview instances where they felt stupefied by weird, rude, irrelevant questions asked during interviews. Being a recruiter, I can say that there is, most often, a perfectly reasonable explanation for the questions we ask; that beings said, there are also questions we ask because of obligations

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Is Change Always Good?

We live in a world where change is a pagan god. We are told that change is to be praised, embraced, and sought out. Most of us probably don’t really know why “Who moved the cheese?” Is a corporate manual, but we are nodding when we are asked if change is good. Well I don’t

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How To Squeeze Lemonade Out Of Seemingly Non-relevant Jobs On Your Resume

We all have had our “first job”, the get in the door types of positions, earn some additional cash, and support yourself while studying kinds of employment. Most of us didn’t think strategically when we were in our late teens/early twenties, so we accepted jobs based on the schedule that would work with school hours

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What It Means To Be Timely In the Recruitment Process

We all have our own inner clock regulating how fast we work, how soon we respond to emails, when we wake up and go to sleep. It dictates whether we arrive to meetings early or on time. In most cases it doesn’t make a huge difference in a workplace, as long as we are able

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How Not to Be Knocked out by Tough Interview Questions

Perfect job history is like a unicorn, it doesn’t exist. Why not? Because life is nothing like a fairy tale and every single person that is being interviewed had to struggle with some obstacles or had to deal with some difficulties that interviewers can’t even imagine. The most common and often the hardest questions during

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Knock, Knock….or The Disputable Virtue of Telling Jokes at a Job Interview

I love people with a sense of humor, and personally I prefer to hear a bad joke rather than no joke. Joking always makes me feel at ease and proves me that I’m facing a live person, not a robot that is programmed to perform a designed task and then goes on a standby mode.

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Busy, busy, busy….Innovation vs Workload

We all had those days when we come to the office in the morning and the race begins; we blink just for a second and it is 5 pm already. We have had our hands full for the entire day but there’s still a pile of stuff to do. How it can be? Is there

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