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PeopleScout, is the world’s largest recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider, offering a dedicated, scalable, and strategically customized delivery model. PeopleScout’s suite of services includes RPO, employment branding, on-boarding, career counseling, and employee retention. Facilitating over 250,000 annual hires worldwide, PeopleScout serves businesses of all industries. PeopleScout, a TrueBlue company, has helped define the RPO industry since we were founded in 1992. Our proprietary applicant tracking system and revolutionary processes have simplified and standardized candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, on-boarding and retention for some of the top companies in the world.

How Temporary Employment Can Fill The Gap in Your Resume

It happens to the best of us. Suddenly, you are no longer gainfully employed.  You have been laid off, or perhaps involuntarily terminated.  Whatever it is that has happened, you suddenly find yourself in need of a job.  In the meantime, you have bills to worry about paying, and somehow, you’re supposed to find another

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Looking for Job Satisfaction

Working over 40 hours a week to earn a living means that your job becomes an essential part of your mental health. Job satisfaction is critical to a healthy and productive career, but many workers take a “trial and error” approach to their career path, which can result in unhappiness, burnout, and a general lack

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Job Hopping: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Negatives?

You don’t have to be a millennial to recognize that job longevity is becoming a thing of the past. Whereas Baby Boomers would stay in a job for 30 years and retire having worked in only one industry, today’s career seekers are hopping to new jobs at a surprising rate. Nearly 25 percent of workers

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Personal Branding: Your Ticket to Career Success

Times have changed, and the age of technology has transformed today’s job search tactics. With social media, online accounts, and the availability of digital records, your information is available online in an instant to any perspective employer, whether you’ve actively posted this information or not. A digital footprint is today’s new normal – an AVG

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What You Need to Know About ATS, and How It Can Help You Land an Interview

Understanding ATS is important to make sure your resume is seen, and in addition, using ATS intelligently can help you easily bypass your competition. Falling victim to ATS ignorance can cause even the most qualified candidate to miss a perfect job opportunity, but with an ATS-optimized resume, landing that interview just became easier. So what

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9 Top Recruiting Trends for Job Seekers and Employers in 2016

  9 TOP RECRUITING TRENDS FOR JOB SEEKERS AND EMPLOYERS IN 2016 As a job seeker and / or employer you need to stay competitive - be mindful of popular and new recruiting trends that will improve your chances of finding employment, give you a boost of visibility to maximize your career and to increase

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The Importance of Body Language in an Interview

Preparing good answers for common interview questions is a great way to appear qualified and confident. For most interviews, it is crucial to get the message across to the interviewer that you are trustworthy and fully capable of doing the job. However, what you say during a job interview will comprise only part of your

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Social Media Guidelines to Improve Your Career

Social media holds many obvious benefits to a career-minded user: besides proving that you’re a real person, social media encourages personal branding and networking that can put you in front of influential people in your industry. Career-oriented sites like LinkedIn make it easy to use social media for career improvement, but with so many users

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The Training Trap and How to Free Yourself

Ok, so you've landed your dream job. While you may be on cloud nine, you are likely overwhelmed with all of the feelings and pressure that comes with being a “newbie”. This can be a very challenging and stressful time because it is information overload for the individual and it takes time and a lot

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How Texting Has Weakened Professional Communication, and What You Can Do About It

Communication is vital to a healthy career. Luckily, email has made professional communication quick and easy, and the convenience of near-instant communication means that it is a simple task to receive and convey large amounts of important information. However, the quick accessibility of email makes it easy to confuse it with instant messaging, and when

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