In the era of quick change and technological anomalies, there are no industries that have missed out on the impact that has occurred. One industry, or an important aspect of our individual lives and the global economy, is the talent acquisition industry or the “how do I find a great job” stage of one’s life.

For many, searching for new employment comes with the stress of not having done job search for years as they had been employed for several years at the same company and never had to really look. So if this statement describes you, I am about to challenge your search strategy and knowledge while at the same time provide you with some strongly recommended suggestions on what you need to be doing in order to secure meaningful employment. And even the definition of meaningful employment has changed. So here goes……

  1. Do you have an effective resume? Do you know what an effective resume is? Do you know how to write a resume other than using a template?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you are not alone. No one ever sat down and took a course in high school or during their undergraduate program or during their post graduate program schooling. Resumes, and how to write them are simply and seemingly not important, until you need one. Find a resume coach, not a resume writer. You need to learn the skill of marketing and branding yourself in an ever changing world.

  1. Do you look for roles on job boards? On corporate websites?

A high majority of open roles and roles that are not advertised, but are available, are not posted or advertised on job boards, despite what appears to look like a high volume of roles. Why not, you may ask? Because the cost of posting a requisition is quite high for the return on that money, a return in which the majority of applicants that either apply or are found to have keywords in their resumes, are not qualified for the role at all. Although the stats vary, approximately 30% – 50% of open positions are never advertised on public domains.

  1. Who do you network with?

When you attend an employment networking event, do you seek out people who are employed or people who will tell you all about their struggles to secure employment. Your choice but I would lean towards those already employed…just a different amoxil online no prescription energy and conversation. And those people are probably networked with other people who are gainfully employed.

  1. Who are you targeting to secure employment?

Hiring managers are no longer the initial stage of the screening/interviewing process. And in most instances, neither is anyone from an HR department. What has become the norm in most hiring processes now is the advent of the talent acquisition/sourcing/recruiting specialist. They are who you need to get through first before you ever stand a chance in front of someone who can make a hiring decision. So learn about how we do the work, what we do, and what we want, or you will simply get overlooked.

  1. How are you applying to roles?

If you are hitting the apply button on a job posting somewhere, you are likely submitting your candidacy into an Applicant Tracking System, especially in large corporations. Recruiters use these tools, especially to manage high volumes of applicants, in order to organize themselves and their search. But what if you are the best qualified, or think you are, and are among 400 – 500 applicants, a number you will never know. And your conversation is as follows: “I am so frustrated, I have applied to 22 roles and have heard nothing back.” The reason for that is that if your resume does not have the keywords used to streamline a high volume of candidates, even though you may be the best suited candidate, you will not likely get looked at, at all. So refer to number 1, “the effective resume.”

  1. Are you connecting with at least 10 new contacts through social media everyday?

The days of fax machines and dropping your resume off at reception are pretty much behind us. The world is connected in ways that did not exist before, even as recent as 2 – 3 years ago. Today’s market is all about 1 – 2 degrees of separation and leveraging, with absolute integrity, professional relationships and networks. So become social media savvy.

As corporations rationalize their businesses, virtualize their workforces, outsource non-core functions to a variety of service providers, there is one thing that is a real certainty. Each of us needs to be current on the hiring process of the day, whether that is now, or 10 years from now.