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As recruiters, we have busy days that sometimes don’t allow us to talk to everyone we’d like to.

Personally, I like it when promises are kept, resolution isn’t difficult to obtain, and everyone works together to achieve goals. I try to keep promises, work towards resolution, and step up as a team member every chance I get.

I really try, when time permits, to follow up with everyone that’s interviewed regarding selection. I’ve always thought it makes a difference.   Granted, no one likes getting the call that they weren’t selected. Most of the time though candidates are grateful to at least know the outcome of their interview even if they didn’t get the job.

It’s always hard to tell if it truly matters.

Two weeks ago my lead sent me an instant message stating she had another requisition for me. I had a really busy day and I thought, “Uh…okay.” When I open the email, it was a forwarded message from HR.

A candidate had gone into the office on her day off to tell them about her experience with me.

They didn’t mention her name.   She said she hadn’t been selected, but she wanted to express the good experience she had with me during the recruitment process.   She mentioned I had followed up along the way and let her know where she was in the process.   Even though she had not been selected, she felt encouraged by me to continue trying.

My days are busy with reports, submission, scheduling, coordinating, hiring, follow up, and advising.

I have days when I procrastinate to make follow up calls because they require more time.   After receiving that email, I can say it is absolutely worth it to take the time to be informative and to mentor candidates.   It made my day to receive that feedback.

Our lives are too busy and sometimes too complicated. I know it makes a difference to me to get feedback, and to get a pat on the back once and a while. I love it when promises are kept. I appreciate resolution.   I respect teamwork.

In life, we all need encouragement. We want to know we matter and aren’t just a number.

In recruiting, people are our business.   We must take the opportunity to invest time in people as best we can.   Time for people should be allotted in our daily schedule. It makes a difference.   They matter.



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Sandra is a Talent Advisor based out of Houston. She has over 10 years of experience in human resources and recruitment.

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