A Recruiter’s End of the Year Thoughts

Time flies, and soon we will be ringing in a brand-new year. The end of the year is actually a “coulda, shoulda, woulda, time of year” when we take a few moments to think, reflect and wrap things up. As a recruiter, I am taking some time to think about my role, what I have done and what I would have done differently. As most of you will say, it was a very busy year with many new experiences and lessons learned. My 2015 was the same. I am wrapping up my thoughts and here are a few points that I think we should remember and be aware of when it comes to our job as recruiters and influencers.

1. Subject Matter Expert – you don’t need to be one, but to the candidate participating in a job search you are one! S0 get some expertise in something. Read and learn to speak the same language your candidates do. For example, if you recruit developers and you don’t know Java, C++ or .Net, it’s time to start reading. It is essential to know the key information and skills that are specific to your candidates work. Obviously, there is no need to know how to code but you do need to speak your candidates language so you don’t sound ignorant and burn bridges before you even have time to build them.

2. Expectations – take the time to explain the recruiting process to your candidates upfront. Explain who you are, who the decision maker is and the timelines. It is important for a candidate to know the step by step process, people involved and timeframes.

3. Regular Updates – keep in touch with your candidates and communicate the steps and decisions impacting them at every step of the process. Please remember: No news is news to someone who wants the position. He/She is investing the time and effort in being considered for the role you contacted them about and you are the person responsible for delivering the answers. Do not abandon your candidates for weeks expecting them to just sit around and wait for you. I know many cases where really great candidates have backed out from the process because of delayed responses and communication breakdowns.

4. Attention – listen to you candidate attentively. The great recruiters I know are excellent listeners and have an abundance of empathy in combination with the natural curiosity of a detective. Be a conversationalist rather than an interrogator; from the recruiting perspective, conversationalists get more valuable and interesting information from their interactions with people.

These are the points I keep thinking about. What are your thoughts as we approach the end of 2015?



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