7 Phone Interview Tips for Success

So you submitted an application for employment and you have a telephone interview with a recruiter. Now what?

In today’s world telephone interviews are becoming a more prominent step in the recruitment process. They can be a little nerve-wracking, as you’re unable to actually see the person that you’re interviewing with and you may feel that you have less of an opportunity “to sell yourself”. Here a few quick items to help you prepare for a telephone interview:

  • Make sure you’re in a quiet place – when you report to this telephone interview you want to treat it like an actual first interview. Make sure you’re not outside with noise or inside with Pets. Go to a quiet place where you can concentrate and there is no background noise or distraction
  • Answer the phone with your name. When you have a scheduled phone interview it is always a great way to start the call! Rather than just saying “hello” it is a nice touch to answer instead for example: “Good afternoon, this is (insert your name) and make sure to greet the recruiter by name. If possible using Ms. or Mr.
  • “Dress for the interview” – I know this tip might sound a little crazy! However, if you dress for the interview and sit at a desk or at a table, it will feel more like an in-person interview, letting you feel more prepared and confident.
  • Have your resume in front of you as well as a copy of the job description. This way, you and the recruiter will literally be “on the same page” about the job and what you have to offer.
  • Treat this interview as any other interview. Be prepared – do your research on the company and the position. Having a list of questions handy can help you when you draw a blank because you were focusing all your attention on making a good impression. Always ask questions if the recruiter asks if you have any!
  • At the end of the interview thank them for their time and inquire on next steps.
  • Follow up to the interview with a hand written thank you note or an email thanking them for the time that they spent with you.

Although phone interviews can take a little bit to get used to, they are still a great tool in the recruitment process and are becoming more and more prominent. Take your phone interview as a great opportunity to show the recruiter or hiring leader your great personality as well as your qualifications. These tools will help you become more comfortable with this step in the process and help you towards your road to success.

Good luck out there!



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Angel Ortiz is based out of Lutz, Florida and has been with the PeopleScout organization as a recruiter since March of 2016. Angel has been in the recruiting industry for 17 years and has gained invaluable experience working in the RPO industry supporting many types of clients and organizations.

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