Three Most Self-Defeating Thoughts that Block Promotion

Has the time flown or has it not? The month of August is making its way to bring in with it, what it has, and I’m kind of excited. Something about being introduced to new days that were once unknown is exhilarating. There’s so much that can happen in a month and even so much more that can be done! Which leads to me to my topic of discussion, the 3 most self defeating thoughts that block promotion.

Now, when I speak of promotion, I’m not just talking about your job, I’m also referring to any area of your life where transition or elevation is possible. I worked in banking in Chicago in the past, as a service representative. I had many encounters with various employees from the corporate side of the bank. The conversations were very enlightening, and I’d often ask them what area they worked. Some worked in wealth and finance, analytics, fraud, HR, etc. Then I purposely asked them if they liked what they did for a living. Some of them gave me a halfhearted, “Yeah,” to barely mask their disappointment and lack of enthusiasm.

I would always be shocked. Here I was busting my chops to be recognized for a promotion on the exact same side these people were on and they were hopelessly unhappy. I was eventually let go from my position in 2015. Thinking back, I often wondered to myself, what could possibly be the reason for people these great people, with great experience and wisdom, not seeking higher ground or shooting for something that could potentially make their hearts happier? And it hit me just recently, “THOUGHT PATTERNS.”

A famous minister and author by the name of Joyce Meyers put it this way, “Where the mind goes the body follows.” I can’t find another statement to be truer. What we think turns into what we do, and what we do turns into who we are. Isn’t that something? Just think about it. So I came up with the top 3 thoughts patterns that, in my own personal experiences, have blocked promotion.

“I’m not good enough.”  If you don’t have the experience, you have the stamina, the work ethic, the personality, and the basic wherewithal to handle whatever you set your mind to. This makes you good enough! You will always be enough because there is only one of you who can do what you do and how you do it! This excuse has blocked so many people from following their dreams or pursuing something that would be perfect for them because they’ve discounted their abilities. Make yourself good enough by investing so much in yourself that it would be impossible for this excuse to stop you.

“What if I fail?” If you do? It won’t be the first time anyone has tried something and failed and won’t be last, nor will it be the end of the world. Failure is not a bad thing. Staying in failure is! Mistakes are great teachers that come with free tuition. You will always benefit if you make a mistake. But you won’t know this until you take the leap! Many have made the choice to stay put for fear of failure not knowing they’ve already failed when they made the choice to stay thoroughly stirred and permanently fixed like concrete.

“I’ll go for it when…” The worst thing you can do when it comes to going after a promotion or some new venture is by thinking you have time. Time waits for no one. We can be here today and gone tomorrow. If that’s too cynical for you, take this in: one day you can be sitting in one place putting off that thing that’s been pulling at your core and jumping up and down inside of you like a toddler waiting for a popsicle, and then will you look up to realize you’ve been sitting for years in the same place. There’s no greater time to go after that thing than NOW O’CLOCK! What are you waiting on? Go to the meet and greets. Take the seminar. Sign up for the training classes. Make that YouTube channel teaching people how to crochet Van Gogh images onto quilts. Go talk to your manager and ask him or her about other opportunities within the company. Even if it’s something unfamiliar to you, pursue what will challenge you and bring you great fulfillment! DO IT NOW!

My point is, let’s go after the giants in our lives! We are good enough, we can’t fail if we don’t try, and the only time to do so is now! On your mark, get set, GO!



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Tanzania has been a Pre-Employment Coordinator with PeopleScout since January 2017. Before this, she was a Service Associate with BMO Harris Bank for 5 years. She's self-published two fiction novels within the last three years, graduated with a B.S. in Finance in 2010, and is currently working with a team for PeopleScout in Downtown Chicago.

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