2016 Talent Acquisition Predictions – that likely won’t come true

Every year we look into the crystal ball and we write about all the things that will change for Talent Acquisition for the upcoming year, heck, we did it on this blog just before the new year and although Jeff is very good with his crystal ball – I wanted to follow up that post with some of the rather strong predictions out there in the marketplace that I keep hearing about and why they won’t likely amount to a small ant hill of beans in 2016.  So without further ado or preamble here we go:

The End of Recruiter Spam

Recruitment leaders have been talking about this one forever.  The newest buzzword in Recruitment is Engagement – sure we have an easy(ier) time finding candidates than we ever have before with the advent of the Social Web and the Mobile Web.  The tricky bit is getting these folks to pick up the phone and give you a call.  New technologies have been developed and deployed to try to help alleviate some of these challenges (like Crystal Knows – although the jury is still out on that one) and every so called thought leader out there is doing talk after talk about all the tips and tricks you can use to engage with a candidate.  The number one method of engaging with candidates – DON’T SPAM THEM.  In other words read their profiles, customize your messaging accordingly and even better, reach out via phone.  This isn’t rocket science right?  Then why is most Linkedin response rates under 20% still?  I mean well under across the board to the point that Linkedin says that you have a fan-freaking-tastic response rate if you are bordering on 21%.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, wasting 80% of your effort is not something you should brag about….period…end of story.  So with all this data and knowing that highly engaged candidates make better hires, stay longer and are more productive 90 days out of the gate than others, why keep spamming?  I honestly don’t have a catch all answer to the question but I’ll tell you when I speak to large groups of Recruiters I hear a lot of excuses for continuing these behaviours (oh Geoff I don’t have time to write an individual email to 600 people) – my answer to that is you shouldn’t be emailing 600 people – that by definition is SPAM.  We keep talking about this but honestly can’t see it being resolved any time soon.

Job Board Hires

Recruiting evangelists have been heralding the end of Job Board hires since the beginning of the decade.  Everyone it seems has been waiting for that one tectonic shift in the Recruitment Marketplace that will disrupt everything so badly that it will leave Job Boards wasted and wounded in it’s wake.  I hate to tell you this folks it already happened about a decade ago and they called it Indeed.  Job aggregation and the Pay-per-click model is 100% the way of the future.  As budget owners we love the concepts of ROI and guess what your traditional Job Boards simply are not producing ROI.  For example the average CPH for most traditional Job Boards are between $1300-1800 per hire whereas the CPH for Indeed is between $34-40.  That’s a lot better right?  And yet Recruiters and their firms continue to invest copious amounts of money into the traditional Job Board model and why – well because it’s what we have always known.  I did an event recently called Talent Talks in Toronto – during the event we asked a group of “in demand” talent where they go to look for work when they are looking.  They told us to a person that first they went to their network, then to Linkedin and then to Indeed.  When the audience of Recruitment/HR pros heard this the response was – well candidates you are doing it all wrong, we invested in the likes of Workopolis so you should go and apply there instead of what you are doing.  It blew my mind — here you have a group of candidates telling you where you are searching for jobs and you refuse to listen to them — mind blown.  Oh and BTW recruiters – Job Boards have figured out that traditional postings have low ROI as well as just this last year Monster and Linkedin both launched aggregation services with I’m sure Careerbuilder to follow soon.  Still – have we seen the end of traditional Job Boards and hires from them – probably not if nothing else because at this point corporate momentum is working in their favour.

Employment Branding and Consumer Marketing will become a Thing

Oh man I wish this one were true – but NOPE it’s not going to happen.  Listen we all should recognize by now that the candidates are a lot smarter these days and that they want to, let’s amend that – crave connection with your brand, not the store bought brand, but what your organization is actually like internally.  They want to you tell them that story online via video, images, content.  They want your employees – the true owners of your brand to tell their story.  Here’s why for the most part none of that will happen in 2016.  Recruiters by in large are transactional in nature – they don’t have time to develop campaigns, to go and promote content or to build and nurture buying amoxil talent communities – they get paid to fill jobs.  And although all the great inbound marketing tools around EB and Consumer Marketing can certainly help that happen faster and more efficiently a lot of the Recruitment community is still stuck in 1970 when it was all about how many resumes can you get in front of the hiring manager and how quickly.  So you are dealing directly with a high level strategist (and I would recommend you do) that focuses on helping you build out your EB strategy and helps bring those Consumer Marketing trends with rigour to your Talent Acquisition practice don’t expect your Recruiters to make this happen – you will just end up disappointed.

Mobile will Rule

I think we all know that 58% of all internet traffic today is coming from a Mobile phone – don’t believe me just ask Indeed for their stats.  So if that’s where traffic is coming from it just makes sense that Recruiters would be ready to respond to the demands of their candidate community right?  Well believe it or not (and I do) we have a problem.  Again our industry is slow to catch up and adapt to the change in platform.  Today if I look across the Web I would say that a good majority of Career Sites are still not built on Mobile Responsive platforms, if I had to give it a number I would say probably close to 80% of them.  And almost all ATS systems do not allow for a Mobile Apply or Short Apply process.  That isn’t good – so even if a candidate sees your job on a social platform (let’s say Facebook) – when they get to your Career Site 80% of them will drop off at that point because you don’t have a Career Site that they can navigate easily on their phones, but even if you do you lose the other 20% the second that they try to apply because no-one carries around a resume on their mobile phone, nor are they going to try to sit through a 45min apply process with just their thumbs – it’s horrific.  The good news here is that those of you who do have this figured out, at least for the next year you will be way way ahead of your talent competition because it’s going to take them a while to catch up.

Candidate Experience Focus

You have to give credit where’s it due – Gerry Crispin and the brains behind the CandE awards have been raising awareness around the Candidate Experience and bringing it front and centre for at least the last 5 years (if not longer).  And yet even Gerry I think would admit we have a long long way to go.  A lot of companies and Recruitment organizations still – today in the age of Social Media don’t even take the time (the minimal effort) to correctly disposition candidates.  I don’t mean actually calling them with some constructive feedback like we always did back in the good old days, no, I mean they don’t even send out a “thanks but no thanks” email.  We know without a doubt that the #1 complaint of all job seekers is the “recruitment black hole” or “resume black hole” but then why don’t we take the time to fix it?  If you need some incentive in 2016 to take a good hard look and audit your candidate experience from beginning (actually even before the beginning) right through to the day that you off-board that employee then here it is, this should be your single biggest driving factor —- it doesn’t matter the size of your company, it doesn’t matter the industry you are in.  If you are treating your candidates badly YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS.  It’s a simple as that, you may not realize it in your Talent Acquisition bubble but you potentially have a direct impact on your companies marketability and by extension it’s profitability simply by treating candidates with the same basic respect that you would afford to anyone else.  I have to say of all the predictions mentioned in this article this is the one that I really do hope the rest of the Recruitment world wakes up to and quickly.  Again the number one thing I hear while speaking is that Recruiters are “too busy” to get back to everyone.  If that’s the case then maybe, just maybe, you need to look into the efficiency of your process and if you still don’t have time — well then outsource it.  Either way this one has to change and soon.

Well that wasn’t my traditional post – thanks for bearing with me while I mixed it up a bit going into 2016.  I do hope you take some of these to heart and look at how you can make these changes in your own Recruitment organizations.

Stay tuned mid-January when we will be announcing the results of our annual Candidate Communication survey – it’s going to be some great information for Sourcers and Recruiters alike.

And if you are good at what you do the team at Aon is getting ready to expand we would love to hear from individuals looking for a Virtual role strong in candidate Sourcing for a variety of industries.  Feel free to shoot me an email at geoff.webb.2@aonhewitt.com – I promise to treat you well 🙂

Happy 2016 Everyone – make it great.





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